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d servants in the corridor. Came to the hall of this residence. Inside the hall, Lieta saw her oldest eldest sister confronting her third sister Aibo. The third sister Aibo’s strength is far inferior to that of the eldest sister. She was quickly pinched by a tentacled neck and lifted into the air. Another tentacled through Aibo’s body was obviously […]


Suo: “They saved the earth again.” “Yeah, and after defeating Didra’s army, they went away and hid their merit and fame.” Gu Yueyan glanced at Ren Suo: “It’s worthy of it. The invisible guardian of humans.” Although there is no word in the battle screen, there are three lines of data in the lower left corner: “Dedra Elite Warriors have […]


he 45th of last month. They all came from the direction of the rift valley, and they sounded like they came from underground,” one stood behind Hadillon. The knight said, “We also found some hidden strongholds around here, which have all been ruined.” “It’s a pity,” Hardyron shook his head slowly. “Those’eternal sleepers’ seem to have been evacuated. Very decisive, […]