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Jiang Hao’s smile remained unchanged.” I heard that Brother Crow is the best at Dongxing. Double bonus red sticks. I don’t know if it’s the one.”
Jiang Hao’s meaning is obvious. You said I’m the best player. I also said you can play Dongxing best. Is it fake?
Crows feel they have been provoked, snapped a pound the table stood up, pointed at Jiang Hao shouted, “Boy, you self 南京龙凤论坛 assertive ah, no big or small talk did not gauge the moment, dare not talk to the elders.”
Crow turn Looking at Wang Sen, he said, “A Sen, you brought your little brother like this.”
Wang Sen spread his hands, “I don’t think Ah Hao said anything.” He was also very upset with Crow, obviously helping his little brother to speak.
The crow’s face showed anger, he picked up the beer bottle on the table and pointed at Jiang Hao with staring eyes, “Tell you boy, my crow’s name was typed out, and one hand can squeeze you. , Dare to be arrogant with me, believe it or not, your boss can’t protect you, I will blow your head directly.”
The wine bottle in Crow’s hand is only four or five centimeters away from Jiang Hao’s nose.
“Crow, what do you want to do.” Wang Sen was also angry and stood up with a slap on the table.
The two bosses confronted each other, and the crow’s younger brother, Akun, and the chipmunk all stood up and glared at each other, as if they were about to go dry.
The swords of the two sides were drawn, and the others in the field watched the confrontation between the two sides. Situ Haonan and Cola sat still, smiling and 南京桑拿论坛 watching the excitement. Yinfeng wanted to stand up, but was held by Jinfeng, “Don’t be mixed up.” And.”
Sanfeng said that they are not small, but they are women after all. They are focused on their own affairs and do not have much influence under them. I don’t want these big brothers, who have thousands of good brothers in their hands. This kind of direct struggle, they Also unable to intervene.
At this time, an elder uncle came over and said loudly, “What are you mak