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d servants in the corridor.
Came to the hall of this residence.
Inside the hall, Lieta saw her oldest eldest sister confronting her third sister Aibo.
The third sister Aibo’s strength is far inferior to that of the eldest sister. She was quickly pinched by a tentacled neck and lifted into the air. Another tentacled through Aibo’s body was obviously absorbing the power in her body.
“If it weren’t for my mother’s order, you would have already become a part of me! Don’t do anything that offends me.”
Lieta listened to the threat from the eldest sister, and she 南京桑拿论坛 could clearly see the third sister Aibo’s body beginning. Gradually become transparent.
When it was so transparent that Lietta could not be caught with the naked eye, the eldest sister released the tentacles that had grasped Aibo and dropped her body to the ground.
Finally, the eldest sister glanced at Lieta, who was hiding in the dark, and left the hall directly.
Lietta was confirming that the eldest sister had left the inside of the hall, walked out of the dark and walked slowly to Ai Bo’s side.
“Lieta…I’m fine.” Ai Bo tried to stand up but failed. The energy remaining in her body was not enough for her to maintain her current posture.
Lieta put her hand on her shoulder and divided her energy into a little bit of Aibo, which allowed her to have the entity again.
“Come with me.” Lieta left the hall after leaving this sentence. Aibo didn’t have time to ask why, but he still followed his fourth sister.
Lieta took Ai Bo to the room where she lived.
She looked at Ai Bo who was following her, and she still had some hesitation in her heart. She wandered back and forth in the room for a while to check whether there was surveillance from her brother and 南京龙凤网 elder sister.
“If you’re hungry, Lieta, I have nothing to do now.” Aibo whispered to his fourth sister.
The words of the third sister finally made Lietta make up his mind.
“I…want to poison.” Lietta used her limited expressive ability to narrate his plan to Aibo, “To the