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an uncontrollable divinity in the body, and as long as it is a descendant of Gondor who has not collapsed and survived, there is definitely no such “divine pollution” in the body, and it is impossible for a mortal physique to produce such divine pollution on its own— —Even if I have been vaccinated with the genetic factors of Julu Amorn.
So why does Fran?ois Beren appear “contaminated”? Who contaminated him? Or where did the “divine nature” that pollute him come from? !
Gawain’s expression became serious when he thought of the possibility behind this.
“We have no way of knowing what happened in the prayer room of Luan Cathedral when the White Knights rushed into the 南京419论坛 church quarter, but there is no doubt about one thing: Fran?ois Beren suffered from unknown sources during that time. The divine pollution of his body is activated, and he himself has become a monster made from the fusion of broken flesh and crystal,” Carmel analyzed seriously, “Considering that he is a fanatical Believers of the God of Light, considering what he might do in the prayer room, there may be only one answer.”
“The God of Light casts a shot to the south.” Gawain took over Kamal’s words, “and this I just twisted Fran?ais Braun into a monster.”
Nicholas Dan: “Mom.”
However, despite such horrible conjectures, Gawain is still full of puzzled: “If it is really the Holy Light God once came to Luan for a short time. How could he sit and watch the cathedral be breached? How could the power it descended on couldn’t even 南京水磨会所 reach a small team of white knights who had just finished training? Even if Wright and Amber were also present at the time, their two powers did not match. Maybe fight against the gods, right?”
Carmel, who had studied the power of the gods for thousands of years, fell into thinking. After a while, he began to talk about his conjecture: “According to our summary and analysis of the laws of the gods, gods seem to be a kind of A very logical and regular existence.”
“What do you mean?”
“The power