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mon Tide, but in essence, it is actually just a’forward 南京419论坛 tremor’ that failed to form.
“As for your understanding of the magic tide, I need to correct one thing: you think that the magic tide will change the basic nature of everything in the world, which is wrong.
“The real magic tide is the’great tide’ in your mouth. In fact, it will not change the material world at all—in fact, it will not even interact with any physical matter. It is just an invisible wind blowing through the entire star. ”
Gao Wen’s eyes widened for an instant, and the huge astonishment even made him lose his usual calmness: “What are you talking about?” ! You said that the’Great Demon Tide’ will not affect the material world at all? how can that be? ! ”
It’s true. ”
What is the influence of the Great Demon Tide?” What about the doomsday that actually existed again and again? ”
It does not affect the macroscopic world, but the’observer’ itself,” Enya’s voice came 南京品茶网 from the eggshell calmly, with a kind of coldness that has gone through 1.87 million years, “it shifts. In order to contact the observer with all the information of the material world, the observer’s mind and the real world are in 南京桑拿会所 disorderly interaction. Its essence is not a storm of physical destruction, but a mass exile with a coverage reaching the level of celestial bodies.
“So, it is not the world that is destroyed, but the’world in the eyes of the observer.’ But if you look at this process from the perspective of the observer, the two are indeed the same thing.” No.
1140 Chapter One Trembling Truth After the
incubation room fell into silence again, Enya had to take the initiative to break the silence: “I know, this answer is against common sense.”
“Wait a minute, I need to stroke it” Gao Wen waved his hand subconsciously. After breaking the opponent, he finally followed his own thoughts and confirmed the information described by the opponent, before he slowly raised his head, “In other words, when the’Great Demon Tide’ arrived, the world was actua