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me one or two.

Is there a big gap?
It’s not big.
Who said that Su Yu must be defeated!
“Open the sky!” With
a soft drink, the knife pierced the void!
Time seemed to freeze, with a single blow, Mo Yan’s body was slightly stagnant, and the next moment, the Avenue of Silence erupted, forbearing and silent!
The sound shook the sky and the earth, the magic flame punched out, the flame burned the sky, and Su Yu also burst out with flames, and the ten thousand flames reflected the heavens.
The two of them are like thunder, with extremely fast speed, stirring the entire galaxy, in this galaxy, killing the world upside down.
The Demon Flame is indeed strong. After successive breakthroughs, it has stepped from 44 to 47. At this moment, the combat power is unparalleled.
And Su Yu, who is good at Dao, Wan Dao is in his hands. .
One person, one beast, fight through the sky! 南京龙凤论坛
In the sea of ??will, the waves are turbulent, and the waves are huge.
Xiao Maoqiu’s immature voice sounded again, “Come on, kill him!”
Su Yu smiled, it’s not easy to kill him!
However, do your best!
Dao Hua Dao, Da Dao merged in, 360 Acupoint Dao roads were all integrated into the long knife, Dao combat skills, this is also Su Yu these days, the most explosive combat skills.
The avenue combat skills exploded, showing 360 points of light.
At this moment, Su Yu can only achieve 360 ??acupoints fusion, but not 720 acupoints fusion. If it could, Su Yu would have done 49 acupoints a long time ago.
After a while, Su Yu once again showed a knife in his hand!
Double knife!
Yes, the second knife!
Attack left and right!
The knife in the right hand melts the 360 ??acupoints of the flesh body.
The left hand knife began to merge with the divine orifice, and the sea of ??will violently fluctuated. Su Yu mobilized the power of each divine orifice to operate the divine orifice with the five-element divine method, and the divine orifices quickly merged, drawing power and 南京水磨会所 blending into the