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and “Kashu”. “Fu Mo Gong”, “Vajra palm”, “Shaolin Dragon grasping hand”, “Great Compassion Qianye Hand”, “Tathagata Palm”, each of these techniques is extremely precious.

I have to say that other sects think that martial arts are powerful, but to speak of it, no one can compare to the royal family. The royal family can collect martial arts mentality through countless channels as long as it is diligent. A martial arts master wants to change the dynasty, which is absolutely wishful thinking.
Jiang Hao saw a familiar name in the book: “Dagui Yuan’s palm technique!” Isn’t this the old eunuch’s palm technique?
I opened it and saw that this sect came from the Kunlun School. The Kunlun School is not well-known in the arena, just because he is too far away from the Central Plains, but their martial arts are very high. 南京龙凤论坛 This Dagui Yuan sect is Kunlun’s unique mastery. It is very powerful, and it says that the palms are as strong as King Kong after being practiced to the depths, not afraid 南京水磨会所 of swords, and at the same time it can send out internal force to injure the enemy.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, knowing why the old eunuch had to practice this technique. The eunuch was a servant of the servant, and it was not suitable for serving the emperor to wear swords and weapons. It was indeed appropriate to practice Dagui Yuanzhang.
Turn on the exercises and look carefully.
“Ding, in the collection of Dagui Yuan palm technique, 51%~52%~~.” After
reading this palm technique in an hour, Jiang Hao gained another mission value, which reached 59/100.
Looking at the secret book full of the house, Jiang Hao smiled, “From now on, we must really start the road to
scoring points !”
Chapter 1144: Sword Mastery (Xiu) got the secret book , Jiang Hao did not rush to leave Jinling settled down in this small courtyard, reading 南京品茶网 with peace of mind every day. When he was hungry and thirsty, he had two girls to take care of him. He collected at least 10 books a day for a fixed amount. It is estimated that