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ery nervous in all directions!

At this moment, one by one looked at them intently.
It’s 南京品茶网 Zhaifeng!
After punching through Zhai Feng, Su Yu really punched through the Shan Shenwen series!
But Su Yu’s current state is Zhai Feng’s opponent?
Zhai Feng, the physical body with ten thousand stones and seven layers, the peak of nourishment, the divine writing seems to have a second-order, whether it is specific, it is still unclear, the comprehensive combat strength, close to the peak of ten thousand stones, once fought against Tengkong, lost, but indeed Fight against the sky!
Su Yu’s current strength, even with the Soul Eater Secret Art, probably looks like the Seventh Layer of Ten Thousand Stones.
Definitely less than Kunou!
Adding to the serious physical injury, is he Zhai Feng’s opponent?
Just as Zhai Feng was eager to try, Su Yu suddenly jumped out of the ring!
Quartet, everyone was dumbfounded.
Zhai Feng roared: “Su 南京桑拿论坛 Yu, what do you mean?”
“Stop fighting, that’s it for today!”
Su Yu said as he walked: “The fight is almost done. I will continue in two days. I’m going back to heal today!”
“Asshole, damn, asshole”
Zhai Feng roared!
Until now, in order to get yourself on stage, the students of your own group either concede defeat or play passively. You stopped fighting?
You don’t even fight anymore!
Bastard, you said you wanted to challenge me!
Zhai Feng roared, his vitality exploded, his qi and blood rushed to the sky, and his anger was boiling!
Su Yu won’t fight anymore!
As soon as this sentence came out, it was more uncomfortable than he had failed. He stopped fighting!
“Su Yu, you rubbish, aren’t you clamoring to punch through the single divine text?”
Zhai Feng roared frantically!
Below, Zhou
Pingsheng was also 南京水磨会所 frustrated , and shouted: “Su Yu, have you surrendered?” Su Yu said in surprise: “I am ranked 24th. What do you admit to lose? Director Zhou doesn’t know how to count? I won’t go up. This is called surrender? It’s not that someon