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the Beginning Demon Race and the Primordial Protoss. I wonder if Daming Mansion has stocks?”

Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: “Really no, I will definitely give it to you! There are not many people in the Primordial Protoss and Shimo Clan, and to be honest, even if the opponent is killed, under normal circumstances, the opponent will blew up, and The other party also rarely fights with us. The Great Qin Mansion may have it. If you meet Qin Zhen, you can talk about it. And you should also prepare for the flight of the physical body. The Essence and Blood Casting of the Beginning Demon Race and the Primitive Protoss is the best”
he He said: “Daming Mansion also has the blood of the gods, it is the blood of the gods of the sky, I can provide you if you need it, but the body of the gods of the sky is of average strength, which is enough for ordinary evildoers. !”
At this moment, 南京龙凤网 there is the person in charge of the death row beside him, and he is speechless.
What does it mean to have different lives with others?
This is!
Palace Lord said that the blood of the Sky Eye God Race was not worthy of Su Yu!
But when I thought of Su Yu’s cultivation and killing Ling Yun, maybe he really didn’t deserve it. Regardless of the research field, Su Yu himself was a peerless evildoer.
But now some are forgotten!
Just under the eyes of everyone, they forgot that he was a martial arts genius, forgot that he was cultivated and killed Lingyun, just remember that he had developed a lot of powerful exercises.
After a while.
Su Yu met Qin Zhen, the lord of Daqin Mansion, in a teahouse.
Don’t be angry!
Big and murderous, to be honest, Su Yu thought of Xia Longwu at the first glance at Qin Zhen.
The two are very similar, not in appearance, but in temperament.
Su Yu has never seen Xia Longwu, but he has seen it on TV and the inheritance of the Kaitiandao technique. By comparison, the two are really alike!
When Qin Zhen saw Su Yu, he didn’t talk 南京龙凤论坛 nonsense, let alone Zhu Tiandao, and sai