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Suo: “They saved the earth again.”
“Yeah, and after defeating Didra’s army, they went away and hid their merit and fame.” Gu Yueyan glanced at Ren Suo: “It’s worthy of it. The invisible guardian of humans.”
Although there is no word in the battle screen, there are three lines of data in the lower left corner:
“Dedra Elite Warriors have been killed: 0”
“God Warriors
have been killed :” “Blood Dharma has been killed :10/10”
The number of kills soaring continuously, and the battlefield with corpses everywhere, 南京龙凤网 is like an unparalleled battle scene, which is more shocking than any narration and words.
Therefore, Qiao Muyi and Gu Yueyan also completely distrust Suo’s confession.
Qiao Muyi had seen Ren Suo summon Ren Han with his own eyes, and let Ren Han act as a loudspeaker to confess to her.
Gu Yueyan watched Ren Suo take away Luna of Moonsong with his own eyes, and now the black cat Luna is still lying on Ren Suo’s lap.
They were all sure that the appearance of the Five Friends of the Immortal Palace was absolutely inseparable from Ren Suo, and in this short 60-second battle, an obvious question also appeared: Why did Didela gather the army to accept What about the review of the Five Friends of the Immortal Palace?
The answer to this question is undoubtedly related to Ren Suo!
After watching the video and listening to Ren Suo’s nonsense, the living room fell silent for a while.
“It’s getting late, and I should go back to study.”
After completing the achievement “Rubbing the Moon Singer Cat Head”, Lin Xianyu walked to the door at speed: “I won’t bother you to play, monitor you over At 12 o’clock, don’t come back and wake me up, I’m tired of 南京桑拿会所 studying, just go to sleep here!”
Obviously watched the black cat turn into Luna, and Luna turned into a black cat, but Lin Xianyu froze and forbeared. Staying with the curiosity in my heart, I only passed the addiction of rubbing the cat for a while, gave up searching for secrets, and instead took the initiative to leave, givi