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n fails to pass the exam this year, it will be difficult for my family to eat now, what should I do in the future? You support us? Are you losing money? ? ” “

you rich people, when millions of pocket money, spend the play, that’s our life savings, but also saddled with debt, I hope my son can be admitted, what are you cut off my family’s way ”
” If you don’t give us a way to survive, my son won’t pass the exam this year, and I won’t give you a way to survive!” The
parent was angry, and he was not the only one.
In the next moment, inside the examination room, some examiners heard the wind and kept breaking through the air!
Around, 南京炮网 some city guards also appeared.
Even Long Wuwei, Xia Bing appeared.
Conflict broke out outside the examination room!
Su Yu’s face changed, and there won’t be any accidents.
I really said that, toss Zhou Tianqi and them.
These guys knew they had no good intentions at a glance, so he would say such a thing to make them suffer.
How can I stabbed a hornet’s nest!
If this is found out, wouldn’t you say that you guide public opinion?
A lot of people came, including the acquaintance Chief Sun of the Yuqiang Department, and the old Xie who appeared holding his arms. Xia Bing arrived, and the commander of the Demon Squad Army also appeared, and even Wu Hai appeared!
Many people vacated, and the scene finally became less chaotic.
Director Sun was listening to the reports from the people below. At this moment, his eyes were cast on Su Yu, his eyes were cold, Su Yu’s heart was startled, and the next moment, Director Sun looked at several people Zhou Tianqi with an ugly face!
Almost caused a mass 南京品茶网 incident!
These bastards, do you know how much trouble it will cause if a conflict breaks out!
His head, the chief person in charge this time, might be cut off by Master Xiahou!
This is real!
It is Xiahouye’s policy to buy household registration and to buy a house and settle down. Now that the policy has broken out, it broke out in Nanyuan. Once the follow-

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