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en, remember to add ice cubes.” Fuya said.

At this time, the dark elves suddenly discovered that the interface of the Fuya magic net system had long changed from the caster forum to a game interface. The dark elves remembered that the game seemed to be called Super Mario.
“Yes.” The dark elf looked at the concentration of the four queens, and if he 南京桑拿会所 hurriedly disturbed her at this time, it was as dangerous as if a dragon was eating a barbecue while holding a long sword to help her pick his teeth. .
The dark elf spent some time in the kitchen and found a luminous fruit that is a specialty of the Demon World. After crushing the fruit and squeezing all the juice out, it put a few pieces of ice in it using freezing technique.
As Nolan’s best intelligence dealer, after returning to the Demon Realm, he seemed to have successfully transferred to the position of nanny.
But the work of her nanny did not go smoothly. Not long after she walked out of the kitchen door, the blade of a long sword hit her neck.
She didn’t even notice the appearance of the master holding this long sword. The dark elf raised his head to monitor the entire demon world. He was also the second heir of the ruler 南京品茶网 of the demon world. Circelianorod was standing in front of her. .
Chapter 162 Shadows
Among the creatures that dark elves do not want to meet in the devil world, the monitor can definitely rank the first few
dark elves. The relationship with her is not good, but it is not bad enough to meet. 南京水磨会所 As far as the sword is drawn.
But the next second the dark elf suddenly heard something piercing the air behind her. Something as sharp as an arrow rushed towards her back.

Go away .” Circe gave the order in an icy tone, and the dark elf instantly leaned against the wall while turning her head to look behind her.
It is a servant of the water element, but it is somewhat different from the female image often seen in the castle. The appearance of this water element is distorted, and the face and body are distorted.