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surrounding human beings, and Aurelian was shocked by the sky that Nolan was flooded with the brilliance of faith.

She was inspired 南京炮网 to see the power of faith from the sacred tree born from human beings.
Although these powers of belief do not belong to her, at least it proves that Qiao Xiu’s suggestion is feasible.
The biggest problem at present 南京水磨会所 is that the attention of the surrounding humans is all on the body of the frost elf.
Aurelian, as an accompanist, has no attention at all. , The man in black next to him was even directly reduced to a supporting role. What made Aurelion most angry was that she heard the words that made the man in black stop.
She is very eager to do something, but the last thing Aurelian wants to understand in her life is how to please humans or attract human attention. She began to regret not asking Qiao Xiu about this matter before coming to the stage. .
The singing of the fairy poem gradually came to an end, when Aurelian finished playing the last note of the poem.
The chorus of the black man and Tai Lin also gradually ended.
“I can’t stay any longer.”
Tai Lin glanced at the bottom of the stage. Although a magic barrier was set up around 南京龙凤论坛 the wooden platform to isolate the crowd, more and more people came from Nolan from all directions.
Don’t talk about this corner anymore, the whole street will be blocked.
After seeing this scene, Tai Lin finally understood that Qiao Xiu often told her to pretend to be on the street in the future, otherwise Nolan’s law enforcement team would come to communicate with me again.
“Come on, please”
Tai Lin gave a little encouragement to the person in black, and then waved to the audience as a farewell.
The man in black watched Tai Lin trot down the wooden platform all the way.
What made the people in black feel a little horrible is that the audience below saw Tai Lin leaving, and there was a vague trend of riots.
A group of people shouted Tai Lin’s name hoping that she could stay, while the other group chose to le