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this. That information security is easier. I will tell you how to apply the above knowledge in the real world little by little, but you have to temporarily control their spread until I give you instructions before you can publish them. “

Daniel’s eyes widened.
Gawain laughed and looked at the old mage in front of
南京桑拿论坛him : “Are you curious about my purpose?” Daniel swallowed. He is not stupid. If these things were taken out by an unknown person, maybe he would criticize it. Disdainful, but these things were taken out by the “extraterritorial wanderer”, so he immediately looked at the contents recorded in the two books with the highest attention and vigilance, and immediately saw the great value contained in this knowledge and strength.
He believes that if the content at the beginning of these two books is not exaggerated, then they will be enough to change the entire Order of the Eternal Sleeper, as well as the entire Typhon!
But they were taken out by the “extraterritorial wanderers”,
so the Order of the Eternal Sleeper and Typhon may be endangered.
However, he still can’t see what the deadly “poisons” in these two pieces of knowledge are.南京龙凤论坛 He can only see them. Sweet and inviting.
Daniel couldn’t help but think of the information about “Gavin Cecil” he had seen in the mind network.
After the resurrection of the ancient hero, he did not fight for power with the contemporary Ansu nobles, nor did he cause any disturbance in the court. Instead, he led a group of people to the southern border of Ansu and began to build a town development territory. It is said that a new establishment was established in that piece of land. All kinds of new things appear every day in the land where I rose up.
New things mean new knowledge.
A wanderer outside the territory “jumps” between worlds. Every time he descends in a world, he does different things. Sometimes it brings destruction, sometimes it brings salvation, and sometimes it brings change. He has already ignited the “fire” in 南京龙凤网 Anzu himself, and no