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suitor again”

When Sansa turned her head, she stopped teasing , because she recognized the identity of the silver knights, the Crusaders.
These knights can be said to be her pride. Every citizen of the Kingdom of the Holy Church hopes to become a member of the Holy Church when they grow up.
But when these priests came towards Sansa full of hostility, she was a little panicked.
“What happened?” Sansa asked.
Herland did not answer Sansa, but speeded up and walked towards the tavern, and Yinuo quickly followed Herland.
But before Yinuo had time to take a few steps, a golden inscription appeared on the ground. The golden inscription culture suddenly restrained Yinuo’s ankle for the chain, causing Yinuo to lose his balance and fell to the ground.
“Are you okay” 南京炮网
Sansa ran to Yinuo and helped Yinuo, and at the same time picked up Yinuo’s glasses that had fallen on the ground. When Sansa was about to return the glasses to Yinuo, Sansa was stunned. .
The brief stupefaction exchanged for an unexpected surprise to Sansa herself.
“You, you are Belle”
Sansa recognized Yinuo’s role in Beauty and the Devil in just a second. Although Yinuo’s hair color is different from Belle, the movie Sansa Sha has read it several times, and even some of the lines in it can be recited.
Of course, it also includes the appearance of the female lead. Sansa has always had this familiar feeling before, and now she can finally confirm that the
actress she has always wanted to meet is actually in front of her, and there are more surprises in the world than her. By the way,
she also talked to Belle before and 南京品茶网 talked a lot about her.
was dazzled by the surprise Sansa just put her hand on Belle’s shoulder, a kind of magic that shouldn’t be on humans, but like a hail, completely smashed her surprise emotions , Turned into cold consternation.
This is the breath of the demons.
The breath of all enemies in the kingdom of
sacred religions is also her enemy. Sansa clearly remembers which demon prince is th