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every day. If Shangguan Feihe stood in front of him now, nothing else would be necessary. Using only martial arts, Jiang Hao is confident to kill him in twos or twos.

More than a dozen days later, the day of the Fuzhou Martial Arts Conference arrived. Jiang Hao changed into a chivalrous robe and brought two gray-shirted sword boys to Wansong Mountain Villa.
Jiang Hao handed over the invitation. The reception at the door seemed to be an anonymous poster, without a trace of respect on his face, “Which school are you, what is the name of the head, and who are you, you need to register to enter.”
Laishi Jiang Hao had already thought about it, and casually said, “We are the Huajian School, and I am the head, named Jiang Hao.”
“Huajian School, I have never heard of it.” A guard muttered.
Jiang Hao said in his heart, you haven’t heard of it now, but you will definitely…may not hear this name again, 南京夜生活论坛 because this is what I am ridiculing.
Oh huh~~!
After registration, Jiang Hao took the two women into Wansong Mountain Villa and went directly to the huge competition field. At this moment, many people have gathered here, many of them have flags with the names of various factions written on them. Those martial arts have done in front of them. , And the little school can only sit in the back.
Jiang Hao took the two girls and found a place to sit down, waiting for the real good show to begin.
Chapter 1137: Dugu Nine Swords (Xiu)
School Martial Arts Field is crowded, banners and flags are waving in the wind, with the names of various factions written on them, Wansong Villa is naturally in the middle, and there are Baijiapu, Qixingtang, and Ruyi Tower on both sides , Tieyimen, Jiujiang Gang, Tianlongmen, Five Phoenix Sword Gate, Shenquan Gate, Eagle Claw Gate, and so on, there are a total of twenty or thirty, surrounded by the school grounds.
This is just the flag, there are many small 南京水磨会所 schools, two or three big cats and kittens, not even a flag, like Jiang Hao and others, they are only suitabl