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of gods can far surpass mortals, but they seldom directly help or harm any mortal individual. They will only strictly follow a certain rule and use prayer rituals, blessings, and enlightenments to lower their power, or descend. Very vague intentions for mortals to figure out that when a mortal individual directly violates specific ritual rules, they will punish them. On the other hand, believers or unbelievers who are hostile to the gods will never live according to the doctrine. Will not be punished by God This may indicate that it is extremely difficult for the gods to directly interfere in our world-even if they are as powerful as them, they must follow certain strict rules to act.”
Listening to Carmel’s description, Gao Wen couldn’t bear it. Zhuzhu looked thoughtful: “This sounds like some 南京水磨会所 kind of automatic answering logical machine.”
“To be honest, in the spark years, many scholars of theology have also had this kind of speculation,” Carmel said. The color gradually returned to a calm and wise light blue. He recalled while responding to Gawain’s conjecture, “There are even a group of radical scholars who believe that the essence of gods is an automatic system of unknown origin. They are like response agencies. It operates automatically, manages huge divine energy, and distributes energy according to the needs of mortals, just like the artificial intelligence array responsible for allocating magic power around the deep blue reaction tower.”
Gao Wen did not expect that there would be a group of scholars in this world. Put forward such a radical hypothesis, although considering the civilization of the Gondor Empire 南京夜生活论坛 in the past, it is not unimaginable for some scholars to conduct such extreme research, but he is still curious about such a group of people who dare to study the essence of gods in a world where gods exist. What will happen to the people of —— after all, according to Carmel’s tone, those people don’t seem to be members of the “Disobedience” 南京炮网 project: “The ideas of these