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le, selling white 南京桑拿会所 powder is indeed very profitable.
But white powder is essentially the tertiary industry, although it has become a commodity in short supply due to its addictive nature.
How can there be a first industry that masters technological productivity to make money?
The huge prestige that Rose has accumulated on Hong Kong Island has allowed her to use the transfer of regions as an opportunity to gradually whiten the Vietnamese gang.
Although from the perspective of the social situation of Taiwan Island, it is difficult to completely whitewash it, and it is easy to be eaten by people after losing force… After all, it is still common for Taiwan Island to pay bribes, and officials provide support to the gang, but gradually whitewashing is already possible. Do it.
So Rose, under the guidance of Zhuang Shikai, divided the Vietnamese gang into 南京炮网 two parts. One part is in charge of the uncle’s generation, responsible for business such as white powder, casino, protection fee and so on.
In the other part, Rose set out to create the “Shixing Group”, starting with the entertainment industry and cosmetics, and fully marching into Zhengxing.
Zhuang Shikai likes this 南京夜生活论坛 two-step approach.
Wait until Rose’s right line makes money.
There is no need to give up underground forces.
But it becomes very easy to give up the white powder business.
Zhuang Shikai is looking forward to this day.
At the same time, the “TSMC” company, which was established in 1987 in history, is currently in the process of bidding and preparation.
The most advanced and powerful semiconductor company in Asia.
It will be the backbone of the science and technology industry of Taiwan Island in the future.
It is also a thorn in the development of science and technology in the Mainland.
Due to the long-term shelving of the mainland’s semiconductor development plan, both technology and cost are far behind TSMC.
This has directly led to the extremely difficult road to autonomous chips in the Mainland, which has