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they really think of such a thing, but actually doing it is still not possible, “Gao Wen waved corner smoking a smoke,” planting potion fields usually hide it up Outsiders can see it at a glance, and living humans can’t increase the concentration of magical environment when they are used as fertilizer. What kind of black magic 南京桑拿论坛 is this?”
Gavin was talking here, suddenly Betty’s voice came from outside the tent: “Master! Master! Pete! Man is coming to you!”
Gao Wen was startled, thinking of the task assigned to the druid just now, and couldn’t help but smile: “It seems that his’special potion’ is already working.”
Because ordinary torture has long been expected to affect those mercenaries. It didn’t help much, so from the beginning Gawain asked Pittman to find a way to deal with the two captured “captives”.
Druids are not a profession that is good at “torture” of intelligence. Their spells are far inferior to the blood god followers or those necromancers who specialize in torture and suffering. However, as long as you change your mind, obtaining intelligence is not There is only one way to “torture”.
At least in the memory of Gawain Cecil, there are many methods of using druid potions and rituals to extract information from the enemy. These methods are equally effective even after 700 years.
In a hut temporarily used as a prison, Gawain saw two captured mercenaries who had been filled with potion, smeared with ointment on their foreheads, and scented with ritual incense for 南京品茶网 an hour.
The two of them were unconscious at this time.
Pittman was still standing next to show off his face: “Well I’ll tell you, my potions and rituals are very useful, especially in the incense, then a strong people will lose themselves in the magic in it.”
Indeed, as The little old man said that at this moment, the whole room was filled with a strong smell of incense that was almost unpleasant. Even if Pittman’s ritual was over, the incense no longer had the magical power to disturb the mind, and Gawa