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sically 4 on 5 offensively.
No, no, no, 3 on 5, as if he can attack more.
There is no way, Rashid can only fight by himself.
He pushed back, then immediately turned over to prepare for a jumper.
As a result, the ball was cut off by Wayne with a palm before it was lifted.
“Is it interesting to always use the same trick?”
Wayne cut the basketball and immediately dribbled the ball by himself. The little prince Prince chased after Wayne frantically, but
Wayne was not Miller. When Wayne jumped up and layup , The little prince couldn’t touch the ball at all.
Not to mention your long arm span, it’s useless for Wayne!
In this way, Wayne succeeded in a one-stop layup after a steal, and the Pacers started 5-0.
The sound in the Auburn Hills Palace Stadium was much quieter. This was a punch at the beginning of 南京水磨会所 the game.
After scoring, Wayne spread his arms at Tianzun: “Keep it reckless, don’t you want me to see the strength of the championship?”
“It’s too cheap!”
Tianzun clenched his fists, if not thinking of Bowen. The picture of struggling on the ground, he and Wayne had already had a final boxing match!
But soon, Tianzun calmed 南京龙凤论坛 down.
Wait until the second half, when that guy is exhausted, that’s when I counterattack!
Watch it kid, don’t underestimate any champion.
167: Pat Riley’s worries, 55 wins are awarded (47K votes)
The fans at the Palace Stadium in Auburn Hills gritted their teeth.
He’s not up for the Pistons!
The game only hit the middle of the third quarter, and it was almost 10 points behind.
On the Pacers side, except for Wu Sheng, the offensive efficiency is actually very average.
Wayne’s hit rate today has not reached 50%.
But the Pistons’ offense is even more hip!
In the starting five, except for Billups, there is no one with a 40% shooting rate.
We are serious about attacking the hips!
Especially Big Ben, Wayne almost didn’t laugh when he watched him hit the iron in various positions at the basket.
Hamilton is not there, and 南京炮网 Lindsay Hunt has