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ocks created by Olajuwon in 1987.

Well, with 17 rebounds, 7 steals and 12 blocks, I can make a double-double without counting points.
But the most glamorous thing in that game was not the data. The most glamorous thing was that the big dream was beaten like this, and the mosaic was so badly defeated. If it were written, it would be another fantasy giant.
And Wayne is just one point more than the big dream today, becoming the highest score among all people who have got 5X5 data.
It is worth mentioning that Olajuwon’s 38 points 5X5 and Wayne’s 39 points 5X5 were created in the face of supersonic speed
. It is fate.
The spotlight shone on Wayne alone, and the entire Christmas War stage seemed to be built for him.
Durant was on the TV in the locker room, looking at Wayne who was interviewed by the reporter, and shook his head.
It’s ok.
It doesn’t matter if there is a big gap with Wayne now, I will definitely surpass this goal!
The young Du Xiaoshuai made up his mind in the dressing room of the rose garden.
And Jeff Green next to him was depressed.
南京龙凤论坛Why do everyone want to be Jordan? It’s hard to
be a Pippen. Wayne successfully completed the task that scored 15 points more than Durant, and happily put the badge and equipment slot into his bag.
Although this Wayne and Durant battle, the average ratings did not meet expectations.
But the peak ratings are still very high, the highest of the three games.
In the first half of the third quarter, when Wayne and Durant frequently faced each other, the ratings of the game were so high that Stern continued to applaud.
If KD is more uplifting, the ratings of the game will definitely be maintained.
Durant said that I can’t blame me for this, I’m so special that novice village, you have arranged a full-level monster for me.
After the fight, I have to say that I am too weak.
It’s not something!
Durant’s battle is considered to have beaten 南京桑拿会所 himself up, and people are questioning whether he can reach Wayne’s height.
Well, it

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