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e heard the words. “This is true. It’s not just them. Other races are eternal, and they have been around recently! The civilized division is one line, we have to stop some, we are easy to talk, some are hard to talk, it really provokes the King of Qin to come back, everyone, we are thinking about some old friends. It’s not the first time you slap your own sun and moon on the battlefield! “

We are good people and we have a lot of worries.”
Someone is not!
Don’t mess around, really provoke the Great Qin King to come back from the battlefield. Regardless of whether you are an invincible descendant, if you kill it, you will kill it. If he comes back, it will be a shocking event!
As soon as this remark came out, it shocked people again.
Zhu Heaven also grinned, he just laughed it off Wang silkworm lightly: “I came back and saw the Two ants are suffering from the government, did not speak so good!”
Silent. 南京水磨会所
Zhu Tiandao was embarrassed, he was also a little afraid of King Qin, in fact, few people were not afraid.
King Da Qin can’t dominate the world and suppress all Invincibles, but it is enough to suppress them. If you provoke him, your Invincible may not dare to give you a head.
“Understand, our Daming Mansion will solve the ant infestation as soon as possible!”
Zhu Tiandao smiled and said: “It will be done soon! The matter is over, there are still some troubles to deal with in the Daming Mansion. This time the loss is too heavy, I have to go back. Presiding over the reconstruction of the Daming Mansion, two adults, colleagues, Zhu has said goodbye!”
Abandoning these words, he turned his head and left.
I won’t play with you anymore!
When he ran away quickly, King Miecan smiled and said, “This fellow Xiao Song, what is the loss of Daming Mansion?”
A Sun Moon in the Great 南京品茶网 Song Mansion, Sun Moon, who came with Zhu Tiandao, was also ready to run away at this moment. Hearing this, he was a little embarrassed instantly.
You do not know?
I thought there was already a call!
Be inv