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hurriedly looked around and whispered. Said: “Brother, there are many people!” My

senior brother, it doesn’t make people worry at all.
Can this kind of thing be said in the public?
“Just believe me, and I can’t do anything if I don’t believe it!”
Lin Yao felt that the seniors still need to be investigated, and there is no sense of confidentiality at all. Such a person’s introduction into the mutual aid association can easily be regarded as a breakthrough, exposing the existence of the mutual aid association.
Today’s mutual aid association looks extremely powerful to Lin Yao, and I don’t know how many big figures are hidden in it.
A redemption catalog appeared before, and his heart almost jumped out!
Unbelievable treasures of the
Heaven-ranking exercises, Heaven-ranking martial arts, Huang-rank 南京龙凤网 top-level basic literary arts, and territorial literary arms have all appeared on the exchange table of the mutual aid association.
If it weren’t for these days, the senior brother and him had been communicating well, and he wouldn’t have the intention of La Yangsha to join the meeting.
As a result, brother actually didn’t take it seriously!
You regret it!
He and Yang Sha don’t count on this place in the Sea of ??Knowledge Secret Realm. Even if Liu Hong has only been allocated a place, it must be Liu Hong’s own use in order to break through to the Lingyun Realm.
The number of places is so precious that ten of the top 100 students in the university can’t get it. The opportunity is right in front of them. The brother actually doubted himself.
Yang Sha didn’t say a word.
Anyway, he came with suspicion.
His teacher is presiding over the 南京桑拿论坛 competition, he doesn’t know what’s going on, can Lin Yao know?
Can you still be sure that you can get a spot?
You have a ghost if you believe it!
But all came, whatever, he didn’t expect to get the spot anyway.
The two were chatting here, and over there, Wan Mingze also arrived.
Hu Qiusheng looked at Wan Mingze and said with a smile: “Mingze