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tly: “Then do you know who Lao Tzu is?” As he

said, Luo Lan looked around like a dangerous tiger.
Everyone knows the Qing family’s Jinghu Qingzheng, but they don’t know what Luo Lan restrained himself in order to make Qingzhen more dazzling.
He said he had a bad life, so all the good things that deserved to be in this world were given to Qingzhen.
But the tiger is the tiger, it is something in the bones, it will be revealed after all.
Luo Lan sneered and said: “Listen well, I’m called Luo Lan, which one would I dare to move me?” The
crowd suddenly boiled over. No one in the 88 barrier knew that Luo Lan was here, although Yang put him under house arrest. But Qingzhen has become the lord of the Qing family. If Luo Lan is alive, it would be nice to say, if Luo 南京龙凤论坛 Lan dies, who will bear Qingzhen’s anger?
At this moment, the crowd was silent for a moment, as if the crowd of tens of thousands of flies suddenly lost their voices.
The eyes of the crowd were cast towards the end of the lawn, where there was a young girl who was also wearing casual clothes.
323. Two wild grasses
. Yang Xiaojin brought a peaked cap towards Ren Xiaosu in full view. All the celebrities of the 88 barriers knew who it was.
And the teenager in the same sportswear stood in a daze on the lawn. He didn’t seem to expect such a turning point today. He originally thought he would see the other party wearing a grand dress, appearing brightly like stars.
At that moment, I am afraid that the stars will lose their color.
Therefore, he came today to appreciate this scene.
But the reality is beyond Ren Xiaosu’s imagination. Yang Xiaojin not only didn’t wear any dresses, but changed into a red sports suit with a white background that matched his body color, and his body was blue.
The dreams that the young man has longed for may have had a bridge like 南京夜生活论坛 the hero saving the beauty, but this world seems to be joking with Ren Xiaosu. He has only saved the other party once, but the other party has stood beside him again and