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the opening of Tianmen made himself see too many things, time book and civilization history, made him feel so much.

He didn’t heal the injury any more, the injury was okay, and it almost recovered.
The perception of the Dao is not something that comes from retreat and meditation. Fighting, calculations, planning, experience, and insights are the perception of the Dao. It is not a simple retreat. Those are all jokes. One hundred thousand years may only be a small advance. step.
People like Old Tortoise have been in retreat for too long, and they still don’t understand what they don’t understand.
What kind of strength a hundred thousand years ago, what kind of strength it is probably still now, this is the shortcoming of retreat.
Soon, Su Yu emerged from the void again.
At this moment, there was one more person in the crowd. 南京水磨会所 Old tortoise. Seeing Su Yu, the old tortoise said with a smile: “Yuhuang, I will not enter the world anymore. I have the power to suppress, but if there is trouble, I can beat the other person in. Necro Realm! As long as you enter 南京夜生活论坛 the Necro Realm, even the Heavenly King level, the old can fight!”
After finishing speaking, he said quickly: “Daming King has stepped into Hedao, but the movement is not small, and Ten Thousand Realms may have some perception.”
Da King Ming is finally getting along!
Su Yu smiled and said: “It’s okay, now there is one more Hedao, there is no way for the ten thousand races! No matter how much more one is, it can be a little more deterrent, and you will know it if you know it!”
King Daming stepped into Hedao, Su Yu is still very happy.
King Daxia and King Daming were the first two powerhouses to support him, but it was a pity that Su Yu really didn’t understand the battle method together, and his physical body was more suitable for King Da Qin and King Da Xia.
Otherwise, you have to get King Daming to Hedao no matter 南京炮网 what.
It’s alright now, he has advanced himself, which is a good thing.
Thank you, Princess West!
The concealed