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n at home to remote places in the future. It is a little bit to save resources. If you hone them, you will know more about suffering!” After that, he

said with emotion. : “children of the poor early masters, Su Yu this kid came up to much, it seems, is actually a valuable asset, and I look at him, to be honest low-key than the others.”
several Gelao Discussing.
There is not much doubt about Su Yu’s statement.
Indeed, a kid who grew up in Nanyuan since he was a child has never used the vitality liquid before, and he has never been to a place with a strong vitality. Suddenly he used a vitality fluid and went to a place with a strong vitality. Maybe his cultivation speed would really 南京419论坛 be improved. Much faster.
Before, his talent had not been discovered.
This kid is definitely a genius in one aspect of his body!
There are not no students from Nan Yuan, but Su Yu is the only one who has made such rapid progress, and he is still talented.
Wan Mingze asked himself a private question. Su Yu was not polite. He was not the one who suffered. At this moment, he smiled and looked at Wan Mingze and said: “Wan Mingze, my teacher said that you are all evil geniuses. To be honest, I have always I don’t understand, and don’t understand. How many divine texts have you outlined?”
Wan Mingze was startled slightly, and quickly laughed: “I have outlined three divine texts. Of course, we are not going to have multiple divine texts, nor did we want to form divine combat skills, so under normal circumstances, we don’t I will practice too many divine texts.”
“Mainly cultivate a few main divine texts. At other times, even if they can outline the divine texts, if they are not suitable, they will give up the 南京夜生活论坛 accumulation.”
Su Yu nodded quickly, secretly calculating, 3 Divine text, a lot!
No wonder the assessment score is more than 1000 points!
He had the intention to inquire more about it, and after thinking about it, let it go, pretending to be stupid and stunned that it was not appropriate, asking a q