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the price I offer will definitely satisfy you.” Qiao Xiu said.
“What price?”
“Guarantee your food for a lifetime.” In the
future, if you want to expand your cultural invasion career, you will definitely need a lot of talents. Qiao Xiu hasn’t worked out specific employment 南京水磨会所 conditions for the time being, but this sentence is enough to make hope. My heart moved.
Chapter 14 Action
Before leaving, Qiao Xiu sorted out the legacy left by the three princes. After finishing some of them, Qiao Xiu discovered that the invention of the demon prince was comparable to the two-dimensional pocket of a certain blue fat man.
There are a lot of strange posthumous works inside, and Qiao Xiu successfully found a ring that can be used at this stage.
This ring is called the ring of metaplasia, and in a more western way it is the ring of Joshua Norrod. , This ring is engraved with magic that can affect the spirit of the people around it. As long as you wear this ring, it will look different in the eyes of people around you.
When Zenas killed the robbers, the villagers and members of the caravan had seen Zenas talking 南京夜生活论坛 to Qiao Xiu, so it was obviously impossible for Qiao Xiu to continue pretending to be humans and sneak into them, so Qiao Xiu could only think of a way to change his face.
Qiao corrected a strange whimper in his ear when he was wondering how to test the effect of this ring. As soon as Qiao Xiu raised his head, he found out which female wizard Miss Xili had sent it.
At this time, a dining table was set up in Qiao Xiu’s room. On the dining table was the dinner delivered by the servant of the water element. The dinner was considered to be a sumptuous meal. , These barbecued foods on the table are indeed too plentiful.
For Xili, the food on the table may be something she can’t eat for a month.
Driven by hunger, Xili didn’t have any ladylike demeanor at all in dining, and even her only intellectuality as a magician was destroyed because of her bulging cheeks.
On the contrary, it l