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come back and forth.”

These guys were not stupid either. They rushed in and found a place to hide. The pistol in his hand stretched out and shot at it.
These were all taught by Jiang Hao, and the training class was not in vain.
It was just two mercenaries who suppressed Jiang Hao. Now they have become the young and Dangerous boy suppressing the mercenaries. It is not that the mercenaries are not powerful, but the weapons in their hands restrict them. If they are given a full set of convenient weapons and equipment, A Kun and the others These people are not enough to watch, it is estimated that one or two rounds will be all killed.
Jiang Hao glanced 南京夜生活论坛 around and found that the two men were hiding behind the shelves, shooting at A Kun and the others. He rushed out and kicked on the iron frame closest to him, and the iron frame immediately went over there. Upside down.
The dominoes, in a chain reaction, quickly fell down one by one iron frame. Van der and his companions saw the iron frame pressed down and immediately found a place to dodge. Jiang Hao seized the opportunity and shot them at the two.
“Bang!” The
white man next to Van der fell to the ground. Van der was so scared that he immediately lay on the ground. “Carl? How about you Karl.” The
guy named Karl didn’t reply. Van der knew that Karl was dead too. He scolded a few words of Fa Ke severely in his heart.
“Brothers, he was alone, rushing over to kill him.” At this moment, A Jun called out, got up and raised his gun 南京桑拿论坛 and rushed towards Van Der. A Jun rushed faster, and the other person was faster than him, Abao. Roaring and striding over.
Van der found that he couldn’t run around, he raised his hand and shot the first person who ran over, bang~” Abao shook his body, but did not stop. He ran faster and shot faster with a pistol 南京炮网 in his hand. Hurry up.
“Bang bang bang~” Abao kept pulling the trigger.
Just as Van der wanted to look up, a few bullets hit the iron frame, making a clanging sound, and immediately suppr