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he 45th of last month. They all came from the direction of the rift valley, and they sounded like they came from underground,” one stood behind Hadillon. The knight said, “We also found some hidden strongholds around here, which have all been ruined.”
“It’s a pity,” Hardyron shook his head slowly. “Those’eternal sleepers’ seem to have been evacuated. Very decisive, and with a clear purpose. Even if we dig up those collapsed crypts, there will probably not be anything of value in them.”
“Fortunately, news came from Aldernan, and they started to follow. The eternal sleepers took the initiative to contact the royal family for asylum. Among them, there are even some bishop-level 南京419论坛 powerhouses and specialized technical personnel. They also bring a lot of technical materials,” the knight officer said relieved, “they can’t take everything away after all. Something.”
“There will only be more in the hands of the Cecilians, but there is no way,” Hardyron said regretfully. He glanced at the direction of the rift for the last time and sighed softly, “It’s time to go back. . Get ready, let’s leave-don’t forget to pay the local guides for their help and express gratitude to the sheriff.”
“Yes, your lord.” The
knights immediately began to pack and prepare to leave this cursed place. , The commander beside Hardyron said: “His Royal Highness Matilda has returned to Aldernan, and her trip to Cecil should have gained a lot.”
“I have begun to expect her to bring me. What a gift?” Hadilun couldn’t help but laughed. “I 南京炮网 hope it’s no longer any special food or magic items that can be scary. As the empire’s “pearl”, she is with her brother. When we get along, I’m not clever at all.” The
knights don’t know how to continue this topic, they can only pretend that they haven’t heard anything and continue to be busy, and Hardyron curls 南京夜生活论坛 his lips boredly because no one responds to him. Shaking his head, he walked towards the magic car parked on the clearing not far away, but before getting on th