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iang Hao’s second plan Just use yourself as a physical shield and shoot directly into the river to protect Yu Shu’s safety.

He has thick skin and aura body protection. It won’t be a big problem if he thinks about it. If Yu Shu fell directly into the river, he would be seriously injured if he didn’t die. Fortunately, the Star Gems suddenly stopped the speed of the two men’s descent, and they were suspended in the air. Yu Shu looked under […]

restore the present. strength.

The Xuan Mizhu was so fast that it would disappear without waiting for people to react, but at this moment, countless jade tiles suddenly flew around, forming a formation. In the face of an enemy like Lupao, how could Jiang Hao not make preparations, let alone cheating, the magic way has always been the winner. “Dang~!” Xuan Mizhu hit the […]

all-world game consoles have pitted him from time to time so far, most of the games it provides are world-saving types, so Ren Suo is about to form thinking inertia and subconsciously believes in the discipline of game consoles. At this time, the game console suddenly gave him such a badend, and Ren Suo was naturally surprised and apprehensive. If the small world game console recognized the existence of such a badend, then Ren Suo would be more cautious in his play in the future.

The tavern owner seemed 南京龙凤网 to see Ren Suo’s nervousness, and he actually began to ask slowly, “The Moon God took over the moon chanter’s body, who is the moon chanter?” Ren Suo: “Luna.” The innkeeper asked again: ” What does Luna have to do with you?” Ren Suo: “The relationship between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional?” The Ren Suo: […]


“I think it won’t be long before the beauty Gutama will be tied to Nolan’s law enforcement team by the dwarves.” The dark elves can see the enthusiasm of the dwarves from the reply. The dwarves are the real owners of the mine, and those orcs won’t be able to hide for long under the dwarves’ round up. Chapter 235 […]

e with the city guard, but these people in heavy black armor ignored Messiah and went straight to the woman’s. He grabbed her arm in front of him and wanted to take her away.

At this moment, Messiah could only eliminate the magic that bound him to the judge, and turned around to hold the knight’s wrist. “The source of this plague is not these people, but a group of judges hiding behind the scenes.” The power of Messiah far surpassed this knight. “Let go! The Crusaders…” “I accepted your city lord’s order to […]

human world for too long. If this continues, I am afraid that the whole country will announce the death of Duke Modil Wilde.

“After a short conversation , Miss Dragon was ready to leave again. This time she said that she might be away for many days, but she 南京炮网 also promised to come back before my supplies were exhausted. Before leaving, she said that I could walk around the tower at will, There is nothing dangerous here, but there is only one […]

ility of the devouring world healing will explode ten times (kill *10), each time it is used to cool down one day;

knight The wind, the movement ability of the spirit of devouring the world will cover its optical invisibility, temperature invisibility, absolute silence, and restraining airflow. The duration is (movement*1), and the cooldown is 12 hours per use; the shield of the knight, the spirit of devouring the world The defensive ability of will be directly converted into armor (defense/10), refreshed […]

wo team members died tragically.

The last team member was terrified, shouting and shooting wildly at the iron blood. In the end the bullet 南京桑拿论坛 was shot out. He didn’t notice it. He only knew that the trigger was mechanically pulled, iron blood took a look at this guy, and ran to this guy with a swish. , Grabbed his neck. “Uh uh uh~!” The […]

to wait until now to go to work.”

“Ahem. , Thank you for nothing, this is what I should do.” Ren Suo quickly changed the subject. “I will invite you to dinner tonight. You saved my life somehow. I can’t even make a meal worthless?” Qiao Muyi said, how could Ren Suo refuse to say: “That’s fine. You decide where to eat. I’ll go to the deputy bureau […]