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Jiang Hao’s smile remained unchanged.” I heard that Brother Crow is the best at Dongxing. Double bonus red sticks. I don’t know if it’s the one.” Jiang Hao’s meaning is obvious. You said I’m the best player. I also said you can play Dongxing best. Is it fake? Crows feel they have been provoked, snapped a pound the table stood […]


an uncontrollable divinity in the body, and as long as it is a descendant of Gondor who has not collapsed and survived, there is definitely no such “divine pollution” in the body, and it is impossible for a mortal physique to produce such divine pollution on its own— —Even if I have been vaccinated with the genetic factors of Julu […]


Suo: “They saved the earth again.” “Yeah, and after defeating Didra’s army, they went away and hid their merit and fame.” Gu Yueyan glanced at Ren Suo: “It’s worthy of it. The invisible guardian of humans.” Although there is no word in the battle screen, there are three lines of data in the lower left corner: “Dedra Elite Warriors have […]


ll want the community to take advantage of it and collect dividends. You know, many conservatives don’t do anything except hacking people to lend money, and they don’t do anything else. They are 南京龙凤网 afraid that the organization will lose their status. These people’s objections are for reasons and support, but they are all given to Jimmy. Clean with strong […]